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Skateboard Lessons Near Me – Pasadena, Arcadia, Monrovia, San Gabriel

Skateboard Lessons Near Me – Pasadena, Arcadia, Monrovia, San Gabriel

Looking for skateboard lessons near me?  Look no further…

Skateboard Lessons Near Me – Pasadena, Arcadia, Monrovia, San Gabriel

Local Skateboard Lessons at Stix Skate Academy

The Stix Skate Academy offers a unique learning experience compared to traditional skate schools.   Instruction not only teaches students how to skateboard, but awards them as they complete the course curriculum.  All students who demonstrate their knowledge of the specific skill set in each 6-week class term will graduate with a Stix Skate Academy diploma certificate.  This course is designed for beginning to intermediate skaters.

Learn How to Skateboard – Kick, Push, Turn, and LEARN TRICKS!

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Beginner 1 Session

The Stix Skate Academy starts new skaters off in the “Beginner 1” course which teaches the fundamentals of skateboarding through (6) once-a-week classes.  During the one hour long class sessions, students get instruction on proper use of safety equipment, and warm up with stretching exercises before learning how to skateboard each day.  Beginners then learn skateboarding techniques like how to balance on the board, pedal (or push) the board to move, then how to skate basic obstacles like riding through cone obstacle courses and on a small bank.
Students will be assessed and allowed to participate in one of the various skills taught that day.  This allows students to advance their individual skill level regardless of how fast others in the class progress.  After all, skateboarding is not a team sport.  This makes skateboarding ideal for many kids who may not have as much fun in team sports.
Besides learning how to skate, students will take part in the camaraderie that skateboarding as a community has to offer fellow skaters.  They also learn skills like perseverance while trying tricks that may take many attempts to land.  These are valuable skills for everyone to learn.  

Beginner 2 Session

“Beginner 2” is the second course offered by the Stix Skate Academy, which builds upon the fundamental riding techniques taught in the “Beginner 1” section.  This guides students to do more advanced riding maneuvers and even do basic tricks.  Other things taught in this section include how to skate within your abilities, and students are given knowledge of skatepark etiquette. This includes things like how to wait your turn while skating with others on the same obstacle.

Intermediate Sessions


After graduating from the beginner courses, students are able to enroll in intermediate sessions.  More individualized instruction during these classes allows students to build upon their strengths and work on improving their weaknesses.  It will also guide students in the direction they want to go with skateboarding whether they want to skate street, vert, or just cruise down the sidewalk to school on a mini cruiser board.  
Upon completion of the intermediate courses, riders will be encouraged to try ridiong in public skateparks. This will allow them to challenge themselves by doing tricks on obstacles to build on their skateboarding skills.  Individual one-on-one skate lessons are available for advanced riders upon request.
Learning how to skateboard through the Stix Skate Academy allows riders to begin developing their unique style as well as learn the fundamentals of skateboarding.  Students of all shapes and sizes are welcome.

Skateboard Lessons for Beginners and Beyond

All riders ages 4 and up may be enrolled in Stix Skate Academy Courses.  Older riders are encouraged to enroll in individual lessons.  

Private Skateboard Lessons For Kids 

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Stix Skate Academy custom obstacles are designed to cater to beginners and are set up on a flat section of smooth concrete.  Many obstacles at public skateparks too advanced for beginners.  tudents are able to gain confidence on obstacles that are within their skill level, and progress.  
The Stix Skate Academy private skate obstacles allow for a safer and better learning experience for beginning students compared to other skate schools who hold lessons in public skateparks.   Skateparks are also often very crowded.  The custom features set up by the Stix Skate Academy provides a private experience away from crowds of more advanced skaters who do not want beginners to get in their way at the skatepark. 

Skateboard Lessons Near Me – Why Stay Local?

Extravagant skateboard camps are out there for skaters to go to like Woodward West, but for beginners, the travel expense and camp enrollment costs of upwards of thousands of dollars is largely unnecessary.  There is an abundance of community skateparks to practice skateboarding skills all throughout the greater Los Angeles area once the fundamentals are grasped. There is no better place to learn how to skate than in your local community.  Enrollment is now open

How to Sign Up for Skateboard Lessons

Enroll in the Stix Skate Academy on our website today!  If you don’t have a board, we have a package that includes everything you need.  



Skateboard lessons in Pasadena

For more information about skateboard lessons near me: Contact Stix Rideshop

Skateboard lessons in Arcadia

For more information about skateboard lessons near me: Contact Stix Rideshop

Skateboard lessons in Monrovia

For more information about skateboard lessons near me: Contact Stix Rideshop

Skateboard lessons in San Gabriel

For more information about skateboard lessons near me: Contact Stix Rideshop

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