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How To Ride A Penny Board And Do Penny Board Tricks

How to Ride a Penny Board and Do Penny Board Tricks

How to Ride A Penny Board – Tips And Tricks

Penny boards are a dime a dozen- they are everywhere!  Penny boards are great first boards for younger riders to learn how to skate.  If you are good at riding your Penny board, it will be more fun to skate.  You also won’t fall as much.  Falling can be embarrassing and hurt!  Learn how to ride a Penny board.

Boards- Size and Shape

Penny and Nickel board decks have a shape that gets wider in the front.  This allows the rider’s foot to fit on it better.  The back of the board gets narrower just because that’s the shape Penny chose.  Even though a board that doesn’t get narrower in the back can be easier to ride because the back foot will fit on it better, the boards still ride fine.  If you’re worried about not fitting on the Penny or Nickel board, get a bigger cruiser or longboard.

The front of the board has a small nose.  This is there so that your front foot can be more over the front truck while you ride.  Being more over the bolts makes the board turn better.  It allows you to put the pressure directly on the truck when turning.  They will still turn fine if your feet aren’t directly over the bolts.

The back of the board has a narrow, steep kick tail.  Although skaters have done tricks on Penny boards like tre flip, the tail isn’t meant for tricks.  It’s steeper because it allows the board to be popped up into your hand better when picking it up.




Taking Care of Your Penny Board

Maintaining your board will keep your ride smooth and fast.  Penny boards don’t need much maintenance.  All you have to do is try and avoid getting your bearings wet so they don’t rust.  Avoid leaving your board outside because the morning dew can get on your board and rust the bearings.  Avoid  riding through water, but this is sometimes hard.  If you do ride through a section of sidewalk that the sprinklers just wet, its not that bad.  Just wipe off the deck underneath where the water sprayed.  If you bearings aren’t very old, they are probably still well oiled.  Oil makes your bearings spin faster and protects them from getting rusted if they get wet.  If you have a napkin, use it to wipe out the bearings.  Let it dry out.

You can clean your bearings by jamming a napkin into where you can see the bearing and spinning the wheel.  The water or dirt will be removed.  Usually, you can just let your bearings dry and they will be fine if they aren’t dry to begin with.  If your bearings are loud when you spin them, you should re-oil them with bearing oil like speed cream.  Bearings should be silent when they spin.


how to ride a penny board helping hands mom


How to Ride a Penny Board- For the First Time


A lot of people ride with sandals or no shoes at all.  This is fine, but riding with skate shoes like Vans or Nikes is ideal.  The bottom of skate shoes is flatter which allows them to have more shoe touching and gripping the board and they will grip better.  They are also made with special rubber that is designed to grip skateboards.  You can also put grip tape on your board to improve the grip.


Pushing & Feet Positioning on a Penny Board

Anyone can learn how to ride a Penny board even though the boards are smaller.  It just might be more comfortable for people with bigger feet to ride a Nickel board.


Pushing a Penny board is the same as pushing on any skateboard.  You step off while balancing on one foot and step onto the ground with the other foot.  Your body should be perpendicular to the board while pushing.  You put pressure and push off the foot on the ground.  Then you step back onto the board and balance to ride.  If you want to learn how to ride a skateboard, there are tons of videos on YouTube that you can learn more from.  It takes practice, so stick with it.  Learn to ride next to a wall or get a friend to help you learn to balance while riding.

As you push and step on the board, you will turn your body to be more parallel with the board.  You don’t need to stand in ollie position to cruise, so having your body facing forward is okay.  Regular skateboards for tricks are ridden with your shoulders in line with where you are riding.  This is for ticks.  Penny boards and cruisers are ridden a little differently.  As you see in the picture above, the girl is standing on the board riding with her feet at an angle.  This is the best way to position your feet on a Penny board and you will be able to turn fine.  It allows you to ride without hanging your toes off.

Penny boards do not have that much room to put your feet on because the boards are smaller.  You have to be careful to get your feet on the board and not hang your toes or heels off too much.  Hanging your toes off is called monkey toeing and is bad because you can slip off.    Make sure to keep your balance on the board.  It takes a little while to learn to balance while moving, but just keep practicing!


Things to Watch Out For While Riding

  • Be careful that you do not kick the wheels when you’re riding because it can cause you to fall.  Push out to the side a little, not too close to the board.  
  • Watch out for other people on the sidewalk and for cars in the street.
  • Don’t get out of control fast ever especially riding down hills – learn to foot brake or jump off before getting going too fast.  Also, be aware of if there are stop signs or streets where cars could be pulling out of.  Stay safe.


Doing Penny Board Tricks

There are many tricks you can do on your Penny board.  Before you can do tricks, you need to get the riding basics down of how to ride a Penny board.

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