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Independent Trucks 215 Stage 11 Standard (Silver/Sold in Pair)


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Independent 215 Stage 11 Standard Trucks (Silver/Sold in Pair)

Independent Trucks: Built to Grind!

Indy Trucks are the standard truck for skateboarding and go all the way back to 1978.

They have a polished 356 aluminum baseplate, 4140 Chromoly axle, Grade 8 Kingpin, and are 55mm tall.

Independent 215 trucks fit 10″ wide boards and are great for pool boards and cruiser boards where the board is gigantic.

Unless your board has wheel wells, you will need at least an 1/8″ if not a 1/4″ or 1/2″ riser pad to avoid wheel bite when riding bigger cruiser wheels.  You can also avoid wheel bite by tightening your trucks, but then you won’t be able to turn as well.  Keep in mind though that tight trucks are better for high speeds to avoid speed wobbles.  So pick your preference.


Independent Trucks Size Breakdown

(Independent 215)

What Size Trucks To Get

Be careful with 215s because larger trucks on a smaller deck is risky and you can kick the back wheel while pushing.  This makes you eat s#!t!  Flip tricks will be harder with trucks that are too wide on a narrower deck.  Get a big pool board or a longboard with Independent 215 trucks.


Speed Rings

Independent trucks come with wheel spacers on the axle.  Make sure not to lose these.  They keep your bearings from rubbing on the truck both on the inside where the axle connects to the hanger and also where the axle nut screws on.  All of the axle lengths are the same even when the hanger is larger like an Independent 129 versus an Independent 215, so make sure to include your speed rings.


Installing Wheels

When installing wheels, make sure to put the speed rings on the outsides of the wheel on the axle before screwing the axle nut on righty tighty.  You want to leave a little wiggle room for the wheel on the tightened axle.  Some skaters like a defined clicking sound, some prefer it to be tight and not move much on the axle.

If you tighten your bearings on all the way where your wheel doesn’t spin, they are too tight.  Some people tighten their wheels on too much to press their bearing into the wheel, but this is not advised.  It can damage your bearings.  Install your bearings properly and redo it before cheating by tightening your axle nut too much then loosening it.  Clean your bearings if you get new trucks.  Put some bearing oil on the axles before sliding the wheels on.



Independent 215 Trucks come with standard Independent bushings.  These bushings work great for many skaters.  Sometimes the raw trucks come with the stock red or black bushings, but most of the time they come with orange.  Hollow Independent trucks usually don’t come with the stock orange bushings.

Any of the bushings you get in your independent trucks will ride fine.  You can tighten or loosen your trucks to adjust the ride.

Orange- 92A

Red- 90A

Black- 96A


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Bones Hardcore Bushings

Bones has recently introduced its hardcore Bushings, which feature a coned washer board side instead of a cylindrical tube bottom bushing.  The road side upper bushing is a slightly smaller cone.  These are both oriented on the truck where the larger parts connect to the middle where the hanger touches the bushings.  They get smaller upward and downward.

On the outer smaller sides of these coned bushings there are built in washers which allow the skater to ride their trucks without the stock metal washers.  Some skaters like to leave them in even though the Hardcore Bushings come with built in washers because it adds more stability.

The bushings themselves are white for the soft and medium (yellow) durometers, or hardnesses.  The hardest durometer bushings are black, not white.  The built in washers are blue for the soft, yellow for the medium, and black for the hardest durometer.


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