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6 Things To Avoid When Buying Your First Skateboard

6 Things To Avoid When Buying Your First Skateboard

6 Things To Avoid When Buying Your First Skateboard

1. Get The Right Type Of Board

There are many different types of boards out there to choose from for your first skateboard.  Some boards are better than others for certain types of skateboarding like street and vert skating or cruising.  Make sure to figure out what you want to do with your board and go from there.  If you want to do tricks, a popsicle board is ideal.  A mini cruiser is the best for getting to and from school or around town.


2. Avoid Boards That Aren’t The Correct Size

Besides the type of board you get, also be aware of what size board you should get.  Smaller riders should stick to 7.75 inch wide decks or Penny Boards while adult riders may feel more comfortable on a 8.5 inch wide deck.  Make sure your truck size matches up with the right deck size.  The wheels should be flush with the side of the deck- not sticking out or be too narrow.  Your first skateboard should provide you with the best chance of learning so it will be the most fun.


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3. Don’t Settle On A Board You Don’t Love

Your skateboard defines you as a skater, so don’t settle on a board that doesn’t suit you.  The brand matters a lot and real skaters will judge you on what kind of board you have for better or for worse.  The graphic is important to some skaters and can make them stoked on skating.

Some boards, especially completes, may have a couple parts that you wish were different colors.  Sometimes it can be hard to find a complete that’s exactly the way you want it.  Switching a part or two is totally doable.  Skate shops will build you a board with different parts, but it will probably cost more than a prebuilt complete.

There are tons of boards out there, make sure to get one that you are happy with.




4. Avoid Hills

Don’t buy a board and immediately ride down hill unless you are an experienced skater.  Hills can get you going too fast to stop or run out.  This makes them dangerous for new skaters with their first board.  Learn to push around the street and do basic tricks on flat first before trying to bomb a hill.  Definitely watch out for traffic when skating in the street.


5. Avoid Riding Toy Store Boards

Cheap quality mass produced skateboards are everywhere.  Overseas manufacturing makes for lower priced boards, but they are not trusted name brands.  These boards will not ride the same and will break much easier.  Cheap boards are also easy to spot.  Especially if they have plastic wrap under the trucks or have hardware that isn’t flush with the grip tape.  Don’t be that guy learning to skate on a cheap knock-off even if it’s your first skateboard.

Buying a cheap board may save you money now, but you might wind up buying a pro quality board eventually, causing you to spend extra money.  The quality board you buy will make learning easier and will hold its value better.


first skateboard poser board size shape deck




6. Don’t Be A Poser

Just because you got your first skateboard doesn’t mean you’re a skater and can talk a big game.  There are many online forums and YouTube videos that can distract you from actually skating.  Use these briefly, but make sure to skate way more than you watch how to videos.  Watching pro skate videos is different, but still:

Skate more than you watch skating or talk about skating!


What actually defines you as a skater are things like carrying your board with you wherever you go and skating every damn day, not just having a board.  It’s not always about how good you are, but being better definitely gets you bonus points as a skater during the session.

With all this being said, the skate community welcomes you and hopes that you learn some sick tricks.  Hang with us at the skatepark and hopefully you can meet some friends!


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